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Hi, beautiful people. I know its been a while since I’ve been in this section but I’ll apologize and make excuse on the fact that my hands have been tied to some other engagements, non-literally. As you know, I justify my absence in this section by bringing you an interview from one of the most loved and sensible tweeps on the Twitterverse, and today, I believe I have done nothing short of that again.
The tweep in the interview seat today is none other than that Engineer that rocks your TL with fun, scatters your TL with intelligent questions and rocks your mentions with awesome replies to any tweet you serve at him, good or bad. He is none other than our own Civil Engineer, the one with a professorate degree in the “Advanced Science of Bookworm-ism”, @EngineChux. Enjoy!••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••
Christopher : Hi. I’m Christopher. May we know the person behind the handle?
@EngineChux : My name is Chukwuma. Chukwuma Igwe.

Christopher : That’s a great name. Explains the latter part of your handle. Care to share what it means in English?
@EngineChux : Thanks. Yeah. Exactly. That where I coined ‘Chux’ from. Chukwuma means ‘God Knows’ in English. You know, God Knows everything.

Christopher : The omniscient. No wonder you’re an intelligent man.
@EngineChux : *laughs* Thanks.

Christopher : So, as suggested by the initial part of your handle, you’re an Engineer of what kind?
@EngineChux : Civil/Structural Engineer. Although a good part of my job has to do with Bridge Engineering.

Christopher : The builders. That is a great profession you’ve got yourself.
@EngineChux : Yeah, you can say that again!

Christopher : What led you to your current profession? Was it a childhood dream or an adult choice?
@EngineChux : I’ve always wanted to study electrical/electronics, maybe because it was the fashionable course back then. But as God would have it, I was offered Civil Engineering. I took it, and put in every effort and strength I could muster. In retrospect, I’d say it wasn’t a bad choice! Infact, I’d pick it over any course 10 times over!

Christopher : And you turned out fine. Worth a testimony. To your more personal side, what are your likes and dislikes?
@EngineChux : Likes are Honesty, Honesty, Honesty! Anything with a speck of dishonesty in it does not go down well with me.

Christopher : *laughs* you really take your honesty game tight. That is laudable. What are your hobbies then?
@EngineChux : *Laughs* Football, Chess, Travelling, Reading is a constant and I could kill for detective movie series!

Christopher : What’s your favorite football club then?
@EngineChux : *laughs* Chelsea FC, the leaders!

Christopher : Hahaha. I hope you keep the lead, like I keep mine in Spain.
@EngineChux : Sure, there’s no going back as regards that. The current league campaign is settled. Chelsea!

Christopher : What book has been your best so far?
@EngineChux : Think Big by Ben Carson. I’m not a big fan of motivational books, but ‘Think Big’ got me!

Christopher : That is truly one powerful book. Can get anyone anyday. What kind of movies and music are you into?
@EngineChux : Movies are Detective, Political, Horror while for music, rap, jazz and rock.

Christopher : What do you consider your biggest achievement?
@EngineChux : My biggest achievement has to be having a twitter account. *laughs* That’s on a lighter note.

Christopher : Hahahaha. Really? That’s hilarious. I take it that you’re gunning for more glory. That’s beautiful.
@EngineChux : Absolutely. I’ve achieved some things in life however, I wouldn’t wanna tag any as big because I still have a whole lot to pursue!

Christopher : If you had the chance to meet anyone, dead or alive, who would it be?
@EngineChux : Paul the Apostle. Great man

Christopher : The man that tasted both good and evil, then clung to the good. Awesome choice of person.
@EngineChux : Yeah. Really wanna know how he did it, and what it felt like to have Jesus speak to you in person.

Christopher : Talking to you would not be complete if I didn’t ask about the #BookWorm challenge. What inspired it?
@EngineChux : Haha. Knew it would definitely come to that. I’ve always seen twitter as a veritable tool for sharing knowledge while having fun. #BookWorm came to be following my craving sane questionnaires that would both share knowledge and test IQ. Started with just 7 questions per session, but with the massive following, it’s now 20.

Christopher : A follower of yours (@Sir_Ruffy) would like to know where you get your questions from. Care to share?
@EngineChux : Creativity is just the word. I get questions from anything possible. As a matter of fact, everything is a question. The ability to coin a question out of any thing is what I have. From day to day conversations, to books I’ve read, to music. Name it! Creativity is just the word. I’m answering this question for the umpteenth time. All #BookWorm questions are exclusive to #BookWorm, and I frame all of them.

Christopher : Hmm. It must really be a busy place, that head of yours.
@EngineChux : Hehehe. Very busy place. Sometimes, subconsciously a question just pops up. It’s that serious.

Christopher : To conclude the session, what is the greatest prank you have played on someone? Or that has been played on you?
@EngineChux : *laughs* My ex-girlfriend’s elder sister was in same school as me. On April 1, 2009, I told her the female hostel in my school had been razed by fire, and her sister’s belongings were all consumed. She went nuts! *laughs*. It was really crazy.

Christopher : Hahaha. I could only imagine. Being a female would contribute to the hysterics too. You do have a fun side too.
@EngineChux : Hehehe. All work and no play.

Christopher : Thanks for having this session today. On a closing note, you have the chance to ask me any question of your choice. Just one. So, ask away.
@EngineChux : What’s your view about dating older ladies?

Christopher : That’s a complex question. Some people think there is a kind of law that governs against that but to every law, there is an exception. Age is just a mere number. Personal opinions matter too.
@EngineChux : Absolutely! But for me, i must be older than my date! *laughs*

Christopher : Thanks for this wonderful session. I’m really grateful. Hope readers can get a thing or two from this when it gets out.
@EngineChux : Thanks for having me. It’s been a pleasure.
And its a wrap! There you have it, all you need to know about Mr. Chukwuma. And again, you now know that the bookworm questions are exclusive to bookworm alone, and that our professor is a funny prankster too. Who said there was no fun side to him? 😛

Before you leave, below is a gallery of some of his favourite pictures. Do well to check them.

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    Nice… owe me o


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      December 31, 2014 at 5:38 PM

      Lol. Thanks.
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