1.The Nightmare

2.Nigeria – Giant Of Africa

3.The Shooting Star

4.Stunting Like Dodo

5.Love Again?


7.That Confederations’ Cup

8.The GTA Experience

9.The XX Chromosome

10.Love and Revenge

11.My Vegan Story

12.The Thrift Collector

13.Temple Run!!!

14.Rats’ Night Out – Chapter I

15.Rats’ Night Out – Chapter II

16. Rats’ Night Out – Chapter III

17. Credits – Year 2013


19.A Day At The Bank – I

20.A Day At The Bank – II

21. Labi (@moneylabi)’s Interview

22.A Day At The Bank – III

23.My Twitter Suspension

24.A Day At The Bank – IV

25.A Day At The Bank – V

26.A Day At The Bank – VI

27.A Day At The Bank – VII

28.My Letters To Twitter

29.Flappy Birds – My Thoughts

30.Camping Out!!!

31.I • Architecture (@uncle_ajala)’s Interview

32.Had I Known

33.The Twitter Handbook

34.The Murder – I

35.The Murder – II

36.The Murder – III


38.The Murder – IV

39.The Murder – V

40.The Murder – VI

41.The Murder – VII

42.What Is Life?

43.The World Of Tomorrow

44.#HypeLee (@galacticoHD)’s Interview

45.My Blame To Bear

46.Nollywood Fails / Funny

47. A Birthday To Remember

48.The Chronicles of Kurt – I

49.The Chronicles of Kurt – II

50.Let It Live

51.Davido • (@mzz_mide)’s Interview

52.My Heart’s Desire

53.My Pain, My Gain

54.Started From The Bottom

55.Memories Not Erased

56.Desperate Housewives

57.Failure and Success

58.First Day In The Classroom

59.The Chronicles of Kurt – III

60.Inter-Galactic Wars – I

61.Inter-Galactic Wars II

62.Inter-Galactic Wars III

63.Inter-Galactic Wars IV

64.Noris (@iam_Noris)’s Interview

65.Inter-Galactic Wars V

66.Inter-Galactic Wars VI

67.The Bus Stop

68.Lessons, In Patience.

69.Inter-Galactic Wars VII


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