Professor Bookworm (@EngineChux)’s Interview

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Hi, beautiful people. I know its been a while since I’ve been in this section but I’ll apologize and make excuse on the fact that my hands have been tied to some other engagements, non-literally. As you know, I justify my absence in this section by bringing you an interview from one of the most loved and sensible tweeps on the Twitterverse, and today, I believe I have done nothing short of that again.
The tweep in the interview seat today is none other than that Engineer that rocks your TL with fun, scatters your TL with intelligent questions and rocks your mentions with awesome replies to any tweet you serve at him, good or bad. He is none other than our own Civil Engineer, the one with a professorate degree in the “Advanced Science of Bookworm-ism”, @EngineChux. Enjoy! Read the rest of this entry »


NORIS (@iam_Noris)’ Interview

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So I dived into the TL like a fisherman with my net of Interviews ready to catch a tweep and guess whom it caught? Let me hint you first.

•He’s a Chemical Engineer
•He’s a backgroung poet
•He’s an aspiring musician (ready your headphones)
•And he used to seek gbagaun till he got tired.
Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you *drumroll*
Kindly read his interview below and enjoy. Thanks
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DAVIDO (@mzz_mide)’s Interview

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See, I came into this Interviews section today wearing bulletproof, so please don’t even try to use guns and stones on me. They won’t work. Now let me apologise. I’m sorry for not having brought an interview in a while. My hands have been tied in some other commitments.
Now, as you know. I brought you a consolation : an awesome tweep. You can guess who she is..

She’s the fun tweep. She’s everyone’s Boo. She calls everyone Hun. She’s Davido’s Number 1 fan. Never got time for a twitfight. PrinzGbemi’s e-boo.
You still don’t know her?

Its @Mzz_Mide.
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#Hypelee (@galacticoHD)’s Interview.

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Okay, so I haven’t brought you guys an interview in a while. Guess what, I was chasing down another quality tweep, just like the rest. What name comes to mind when you mention the pervy fun tweep? Yeah, Mr. Galactico. Read his interview below. Enjoy.

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I ♥ ARCHITECTURE (@uncle_ajala)’s Interview..

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I know I didn’t bring you an interview last month. Yeah, I’m sorry. But believe me, it wasn’t easy getting hold of this tweep I had my mind on. He was busy and busy and busy. I think I was in sheer luck when I had time with him yesterday. My session with him made me believe its not wise to judge a person from their tweets. Here’s the interview…
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‘Labi (@moneylabi) ‘s Interview

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Had a great noon with this tweep from twitter, and I thought it nice to interview him for you all to know him better. Not to lie, it wasn’t easy interviewing him, as he had this unforseen mastery of words, but to my credit, I think I hung on pretty well. So, here goes..
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