Lessons In Patience

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    “God Might Say Yes, And Give You What You Want,
    God Might Say No, And Give You Something Else,
    And God Might Say Hold On, And Give You Something Better,
    Truth Is, God Never Gives Something You Don’t Need”

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What Is Life?!?

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There’s a four letter word we all have, we all see everyday, we all perceive, we all feel, but we little less appreciate. Its not LOVE, the most popular one, but its one which is greater than love. One which, without it, even love is not possible. Its LIFE.. Yes, Life.
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The XX Chromosome

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We examine lots of specimen in our scientific endeavours and otherwise, but one we fail to consciously take notice of but unconsciously study is that which science itself tagged ‘XX chromosome’, yeah, the feminine gender.
There are lots of things that baffle me about this specimen, and one is the unique change with age which is distinct and recurrent, with love featuring as a constant.
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