Lessons In Patience

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    “God Might Say Yes, And Give You What You Want,
    God Might Say No, And Give You Something Else,
    And God Might Say Hold On, And Give You Something Better,
    Truth Is, God Never Gives Something You Don’t Need”

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Let It Live.

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The Creator moved back from the piece in front of HIM which HE was working on. It was small, cute, beautiful and divine in all of its form. Everything about it was pretty. It was, as the humans would call it, a bundle of joy. The Creator smiled to HIMSELF as a commendation on a job well done. HE had succeeded in creating that which would make another couple happy as well as make their bonds grow stronger. It was only a matter of nine months.
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Camping Out!!!

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Missed me? Sorry I haven’t been constant on here. Been busy and away. Speaking of Away, I was at the border between Nigeria and Benin Republic, in a village called Imeko Idose in Nigeria. It was a missionary attempt and I can tell you it went really well.

The locals were welcoming, the sights were great, the large expanse of land was captivating, the excesses of cashew trees awed me, and also the peacefulness of the surroundings. Tasted what rural life meant, really.

I wouldn’t tease you with such a story and not post you pictures. 😀 . I think I have your attention now. But forgive me if you find the pics of low quality. Smartphones were down on battery and we had no source to recharge, so I settled for a low pixel camera which I think pretty much did the job. See for yourselves…
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