Lessons In Patience

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    “God Might Say Yes, And Give You What You Want,
    God Might Say No, And Give You Something Else,
    And God Might Say Hold On, And Give You Something Better,
    Truth Is, God Never Gives Something You Don’t Need”

“God Might Say No, And Give You Something Else”.

Tell me the above story about 13 months ago and I might have blown your head off. Now, 13 months later, I have come to realise the truth in that short expression up there. Telling you the story of a boy I know so well, one I wake up to see in the mirror daily, might help you grasp what I mean.

Larry• is a boy of about fifteen. A ‘straight A’ student and an intelligent chap. He graduated his secondary school as at when due and passed out of school in flying colours. He took his UTME and Post-UTME exams and God so gracious to him, allowed him scale through, all in his first attempt. His joy knew no bounds and he felt his luck was unmatchable. He was even so much more happy as he had gained his admission into one of the most prestigious institutions in the country. Everything was going on smoothly, but then, tradgedy struck. A Strike Action occured. He thought it was something that wouldn’t last long, but to burst his bubble, lasted no less than 6 months.

I prayed all through the strike that it shouldn’t go for more than 2 months. It seemed as if God turned a deaf ear to me then. My mates in Private Universities already resumed and were through with their first semester when it ended.
I took up a job, quitted later. Had heartbreaks. Got depressed. Snapped at everyone. Skipped meals. Got lean. Read books. Got tired. Tried everything. Kept getting tired. Then the strike got called off but still, I couldn’t resume – My school was yet to be through with her second semester. Means 4 more Months at home for me.


“God Might Say Yes, And Give You What You Want”

The four month of wait was not so cool for me. It felt like eternity. It felt like it had been changed to four years for me. Days moved by at snail-speed and I counted down even the seconds till I’ll be in school. Time came and I did not hesitate to get to school at all. FINALLY!!!!, was all I thought. I tried settling in, loved the environment and started behaving like a student. Less than three weeks in, another trouble started to brew. The school had increased her tuition, students were angry and leading protests. In a part of my mind, I prayed that the protests should cause nothing to delay me anymore. My mates are already in 200L. As if the devil read my mind and saw the prayer, the school closed down on an indefinite suspension. Yes, INDEFINITE! I knew I was in for another round. Why me , Lord? Why Me?
People would already start to think I haven’t really gotten an admission. 11 months, and I’ve not received a single lecture. I have my admission on paper, but I’ve not even tasted university life. Why Me, again?

“God Might Say ‘Hold On’, And Give You Something Better”

It took two months after that before the school sat down a panel and decided on when we were to resume. By then, my total tally of months without having received a single lecture came to 13. Yes. A year and a month.

Looking back now, I think all God was trying to tell me was “Hold On”. In the space of that thirteen months, I grew more, matured better, met more people and achieved more goals.
In the space of that thirteen months again, I got invilved in competitions that school might have hindered, won and got appreciated for it.
In the space of that thirteen months too, I got myself involved in loads of activities — physical, mental, social and religious — that I’ve been snubbing for some time ‘cos of busy-ness, and discovered that I actually like them, and also made a meaningful impact.
Looking back at these and many more that God has pulled me through, I can’t help but think that HE was making me HOLD ON for this particular moment.
HE’s the All-Knowing, why not trust him?

“Truth Is, God Never Gives Something You Don’t Need”

Whenever you find yourself in a situation like this where it seems things aren’t going according to plan, just remember that “Lines Fall In Pleasant Places”, and remember the words of Romans 8:28 where it is expressly stated that “ALL THINGS work together FOR GOOD for those who TRUST in the LORD”

Just trust in him. All would work together for good.



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