Inter-Galactic Wars – 6

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Chapter One, Chapter Two, Chapter Three, Chapter Four and Chapter Five.

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Month : May
Year : 2807
Day : 21
Location : MARS

For three days, the crew of the WorldFleet Express were busy strategising their next move. They had a good vantage position, behind the meteor rocks although they had to always move constantly to avoid collision with the fast-paced moving rocks, plus they got hit multiple times. Captain Habeeb, his assistant James and other board members were in the sixth meeting in three days and they still had no idea on how to successfully launch an attack on the planet. They had no idea of what it currently looked like or where exactly to attack. They were at a loss on all sides. In one of the meetings, it was unanimously decided that someone should take one of the smaller spy ships on board and go scout out the planet. The stealth ship was recommended as it wouldn’t be discovered on the radar. Captain Habeeb knew this was a good plan, maybe the only plan they could follow to achieve something reasonable but it remains one question – who would volunteer to go?Actually, that was not the main question on his mind. He knew that if he announced that to the general population on the ship, several people would offer to go, but what was really holding him back was the thought that he would be sending such a person to his or her own death, as that looked like a suicide mission, one small ship in the midst of the numerous giants owned by the Martians. He had a conscience, and he shouldn’t have taken this job in the first place, he thought.

Standing in the Captain’s box, overlooking operations and seeing everyone working and pacing around frantically, trying to get things done and not make mistakes, he made a decision within himself. Looking round, he quietly slipped away from the bridge of the ship and entered the mini-elevator. He punched the number 2, which was the Tech. Department. In no time, the elevator hissed open again and he stepped onto the neat silver-panelled floor. He walked across the room, returning salutes to officers who had never thought they would see the captain and avoided eye contact with everyone. In no time, he reached the end of the room. He turned down the alley, descended a flight of stairs and got to a door. He offered his voice to be recognized by the machine, had his eye scanned and the door hissed open, loudly. He looked round once again to make sure no one was watching, stepped in, and the door closed behind him.

The room was where all mini spacecrafts were kept, ranging from the Stealth Dragons to the Escape Pods (nicknamed ‘squirrel’ for their speed). He looked around and found a suitable Stealth Dragon and started it up. He entered the emergency override codes for the hatch door to open, and it did swiftly. Immediately, the walls of the WorldFleet started to blink red and an automated voice was heard saying, “Unauthorized Personnel aboard ship.. Unauthorized personnel aboard ship”. It was rightly said, because a captain was not supposed to be the one doing this, but does he have a choice?

He fired up the engines and started speeding towards the hatch door, floating off the ground of the ship. Immediately the emergency warning started, the opened hatch door started to close. He increased his speed the more. He knew if he didn’t get out, his crew members would hold him back when they see him. He had to get out now. He intensified his speed. The hatch door closed the more. He was nearly there, and the hatch door was nearly closed to the height of his ship. With as much determination as he started, he changed gears and activated the ship’s turbo and with a blast, sped past the closing door, scratching some parts of it as well as some parts of the neatly silvered floor. He was out into space, all alone. In the rear-view mirror of his ship, he saw the door to the room open and some soldiers troop in. Seconds later, the hatch door closed. He was now all alone.

He switched off the communications link to the main ship so as not to get bothered by anyone on there and started off towards the planet Mars. As an experienced space-driver, it didn’t take him long to maneuver through the various meteors till he dropped into the open space. He followed the orbital path a little to save fuel and then started treading the dark areas to avoid being seen. In about twenty minutes, he saw Mars in front of him. He intensified his efforts and drove closer. What he saw really terrified him. It was like Mars had already won the war before it started. They had hundreds of battle ships at their disposal, all lit up by some green color. That has to be their army color, he thought. He killed the engine of his ship as well as its lights and started to guide his ship slowly near to the planet itself. He was going to learn as much as possible on how to defeat them.

He floated around the main action packed areas, the forefront that faced earth, and saw that behind the planet, there was no army whatsoever there. Only the front was guarded. He was still stealthily floating around when his radar caught something. It was a like a field, like a Chemical Field. He activated his ship’s Super Lens and zoomed in to see what it was, and as soon as he saw it, he nearly exclaimed. It was ————–

He was about to scream for joy about his discovery when his radar started frantically again. He looked at it, looked forward and realized that he was doomed, or nearly doomed. Three Martian ships were speeding towards him. Adrenaline kicked into his blood instantly as he powered up the ship again. He turned back and started speeding away from the Martian fighter ships. He ran, they pursued, and they shot. He dodged most of the enemy rays, and most times fell into others. His shields were dwindling too. They were in hot pursuit for about ten minutes when he saw his turbo counter blinking green. He smashed his palm against it and the turbo was activated, giving him maximum speed. He looked back and saw that he had lost them. He smiled at himself, but that smile didn’t last long. Out of nowhere, they emerged again, with their own green turbo trailing. He looked at the turbo meter and saw it was still in red. He hit “Charge” and started to run again. He would have thought that he should lose them before going back to his ship but since his home wasn’t space, he had no idea where to run to. He activated his Communications Link and in an instant, Hank came on screen.

“Hank”, Habeeb screamed.
“Captain”, Hank retorted, looking up and giving a salute, “we’ve been worried about you. Where’ve you been?”
“I went to scout the Martians. They’re on my trail. Pull my co-ordinates and get me back to the ship”
“Sir. I’m sorry I can’t beam you up right now, you’re too far out”
, Hank spurted out, obviously agitated and working at his computer.
“Get me Jim, right now”, Habeeb commanded.
Before Hank could turn, James showed up behind him.
“Captain. What’s the matter?”, James asked
“Jim, I’m in the middle of a gunfight and chase, and I’m losing on both counts, I want you to command the crew exactly as I ask. Are you ready?”
“Yes, Cap, what do you need?”
, asked Jim, assuming his positing as acting Captain.
“Who’s in charge of weapons?”, the Captain asked
“Its Christopher”
“Tell him to shoot a long distance missile at this bastards on my trail. Ask him to activate the speed function and give it the highest speed ever.”
“Right away captain”
Jim accessed Chris via a tab and sent the message. Chris replied that he was on it. In less than twenty seconds, a long range missile left the WorldFleet Express.

Habeeb was still about three minutes from the ship when he saw the missile coming. He kept his speed up and was partly happy that he was going to get rid of them. The missile headed straight for one of the three Martian ships, but what Habeeb saw nearly made him pee his pants. He had never seen anything like that. Even those on The WorldFleet that were watching through the main screen were amazed. THE MARTIAN SHIP DODGED THE MISSILE.

That was one of the most impossible things to ever do. Everyone gasped, even Jim. The captain, although daunted, summoned up courage and thought up new ways to escape this threat he had gotten himself into.

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2 thoughts on “Inter-Galactic Wars – 6

    habeeb said:
    August 29, 2014 at 10:15 PM

    missed this alot,i hope the captain survives,and wtf are the martian ships made of


    Christopher responded:
    August 30, 2014 at 4:25 PM

    LOL. I could try to explain, but even the science is beyond me. Its not rocket science, just alien science.


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