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So I dived into the TL like a fisherman with my net of Interviews ready to catch a tweep and guess whom it caught? Let me hint you first.

•He’s a Chemical Engineer
•He’s a backgroung poet
•He’s an aspiring musician (ready your headphones)
•And he used to seek gbagaun till he got tired.
Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you *drumroll*
Kindly read his interview below and enjoy. Thanks

Christopher : Hi. I’m Christopher. May we know you?
@iam_Noris : Yeah

Christopher : Introductions, please
@iam_Noris : Sure. My name is Noris ‘Don’ Daniels. Well, the ‘don’ in there is just a short form of Donbaikeyei. My grandad’s.

Christopher : Nice name there. Care to tell us what that means?
@iam_Noris : Well, erm, I really dont want to go into that right about now, but just know it has history attached to it.

Christopher : *laughs* Okay. We’ll let sleeping dogs lie. What brought about your handle change?
You used to use Gbagaun_Seeker, now its NORIS. Any reason behind that?
@iam_Noris : Oh that!! You knew about that too? Well, I actually thought people should get to know a little bit more about me. Just want to get my followers to know me better and I was tired of seeking gbagaun ! *laughs*

Christopher : (Hahahaha.) So you basically got tired of seeking blunders. Funny and eye-opening.
@iam_Noris : I honestly did get tired.

Christopher : What are your hobbies?
@iam_Noris : I love Singing, Reading, Writing (poems especially), Travelling and playing Football.

Christopher : So you write? Had any of your poems published yet?
@iam_Noris : I don’t really take that seriously, I just write them and tweet most of them on my TL, but I write songs seriously, soon to be heard.

Christopher : We’ll all be looking forward to that. What do you consider your strengths and weaknesses?
@iam_Noris : Well, erm, I would start with my weaknesses. I’m quite emotional which makes me effusive in nature leading to subtweets. Strengths, really focused, goal driven and a high achiever . Good enough, I guess ?

Christopher : Very good. Infact, you deserve an applause. What / Who Motivates / Inspires You?
@iam_Noris : God is my inspiration and sole motivator.

Christopher : If you are asked to describe yourself in as few sentences as possible, what would you say?
@iam_Noris : To start with, I’m just an ordinary dude trying to make an extraordinary difference, a graduate of Chemical Engineering, a business man in reality, singer and song writer, easy going, simple and so down to earth, funny, witty, honest. I love playing a lot. I really do, plus I look way below my age facially, creative thinker and always fun to be with. *grins*

Christopher : *claps* you really are a handful. What accomplishments of yours are you most proud of?
@iam_Noris : This question is a paper canoe in a big sea. Well for now, I’m a work in progress until I get to my target, only then will I be proud .*chuckles*. High achiever, you recall?

Christopher : *grins*. Yeah, I do recall. You just proved yourself right. Where do you see yourself in the next 5-10 years?
@iam_Noris : Up the triangle of life, at the acme and amongst the influencers, financially, musically and politically.

Christopher : Reasonable goals there. As a goal-getter, shouldn’t be much of a problem for you :D. So I was thinking, who’s your mentor and/or role model? And why?
@iam_Noris : True that, not forgetting my source GOD almighty.
Oh well I have many mentors from different fields. Robert Kiyosaki, is one of them for his financial intelligence, Bryan Tracy for his books has really influenced my life greatly, Bishop David Oyedepo as he showed me a different dimension to faith in GOD. Well, musically, I got a lot from 2baba (TuFace Idibia) for he has stood out for almost a decade until now. Let me end the list here *chuckles*

Christopher : Well, you’ve picked some great mentors across all fields. Explains your resilient and achiever’s attitude. To your more fun side, what’s your favorite kind of music?
@iam_Noris : (Hehehe) I’m flattered. About my favourite kind of music, I just love good music and what appeals to me when I hear it. Cuts across Rap, Rock, Country, Classic, RnB, Hip-Hop, Afro Pop. *grins*

Christopher : What about celebrity crushes? Got any?
@iam_Noris : Well, I knew you would ask this question . *laughs*. Are we talking local or international ?

Christopher : Anyone. You can even choose one from both.
@iam_Noris : Seyi Shay and Riri (Rihanna). I just really like them.

Christopher : Hmm. I can see where you’re coming from *laughs*. To a more naughty side of you, what’s the best prank that has ever been played on you or by you?
@iam_Noris : How do I even answer this ? *laughs*. Help me.

Christopher : *laughs heartily*. Believe me, I won’t. And you’re not allowed to say none. I believe you’re a prankster. So, spill.
@iam_Noris : Permit me to pass this, please.

Christopher : Erm. Okay. But if tweep’s demands weigh on the question, you’ll have to answer. As much as I’ll love to continue the questions, every interesting thing must have an end. So at this point, you’ve gotten a chance to ask me any question of your choice. Just one. Any at all. So ask away.
@iam_Noris : Hmm. Who are you ?

Christopher : I’m a young lad, ‘Lanre by name, aspiring Engineer who loves to write, extremely introverted and full of ideas, the world isn’t even ready.
I hope I have answered your question. Thanks for participating, it was an honour having you here.
@iam_Noris : Thanks. I really appreciate your time and this opportunity too . Stay blessed.
Lights. Camera. Cut.
And that’s the end of it. Don’t tell me, let me guess. You loved it, right? Well, I did too. Be kind to check out his gallery below and don’t forget to share and contribute your comments too. Thanks.


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