Inter-Galactic Wars – 4

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Once again, I’d like to say a special thanks to all of you that are keeping up with this series. If you’re new here, or if you want a refresh, follow these links to read Chapter One, Chapter 2 and Chapter 3. Thanks.

Month : May

Year : 2807

Day : 18

Location : World Alliance Space Technology Base, Sahara Desert


The large door hissed open and a host of about fourty-nine people came jogging through, neatly. Each and everyone were clad in Military Space Gears, with each bearing a country logo on the breast of their space suits. In their hands were helmets with back-head connection to oxygen tubes and large boots graced their legs. They were marching towards the largest, most sophisticated, most expensive and most deadly space-craft the world has ever seen, The World Fleet Express.

The World Fleet Express is a magnificent sight to behold, and if not for the nature of the mission, each and everyone of them would have stopped to look at it and soak in the awesomeness it drips. It was as large as anything they had ever seen. It had ten jet propulsion engines in present use, and had another five for auxiliary use, in case any of the ten got faulty. It had seventy rooms in all, and it also possessed seventy escape pods. It also had enough storage facility to house food for seventy people up till about a hundred days. The technology on the bridge of the ship was one of a kind, and its powered by a general nuclear reactor. Since the fuel was generated internally, there is little or no dependence at all on outside fuel. For its size, it has a pretty great speed too. The defence system on the ship is also one-of-a-kind. It had lots of firepower enough to wipe out an entire fleet in just minutes. Lots of billions of dollars had gone into the making of this ship, but no one ever thought it would be for a reason like this, well, no once except maybe Dr. Charles Evon.

In no time, they were at its base, still jogging till they heard a loud “Halt”. They all stopped and watched their Captain walk towards them.

He was a fairly tall and dark man, who would be in his late thirties. The stars on his shirt depicted that this was not the first time he would be serving in this capacity. His flag-spot was coloured green, white and green, the Nigerian colours. His name-tag also spoke his name – Captain Habeeb. He kept walking towards them and when he got nearer, he began to talk.

“Ladies and Gentlemen of The Force, we are here today not for the sake of ourselves, but for the sake of our planet. We have been threatened with total annihilation just because we chose to be a peaceful planet. We have been threatened to be driven from our own homes by creatures that doesn’t even know what a home feels like. We have been faced with a tough choice, to destroy or get destroyed. Ladies and Gentlemen, the Earth has been our home for centuries. Our fathers have protected it for us, and its now our turn to protect it for our children. Ladies and Gentlemen, this is unlike any other war you have ever fought, or any you’ve ever heard of. This is not man against man, this is man against highly intelligent bunch of green idiots. This is man against aliens. We have to fight till the last blood has been drained from our veins. We have to fight till we get tired, and then still keep fighting. We have to go on and defend the earth. We must never lose. There are no take back sees. If anyone wants to leave this war, now is the time. This is an indefinite war. No one knows when you’ll be back. We do this in one accord. We do this for EARTH”.

He finished his speech amidst claps and hoots and screams. He commanded for the people to march into the ship. They were 50 in all. 10 were administrative members, 5 medical personnels, 15 crew members and the other 20 are soldiers trained in space warfare, each supplied from different countries but speak the general English. The door to the World Fleet closed and it started with a loud bang. The earth shook as its first burst of hot air hit the ground. With a large effort, it started its journey towards space as it rose from the ground. The Space Base was isolated save for the professionals working there. It was a sight to behold, seeing the World Fleet sail for the first time, but they were not joyous about it. They might never see it again. They might never even see any of the crew members again, and the fate of Planet Earth depended upon them. Whatever happened on the course of this journey would determine history. If they succeeded, history would sing about them as the heroes of earth. If they failed, well, there would be no one to write or read the history. The earth would be destroyed.

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    habeeb said:
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    its getting hotter,goodluck to them


      Christopher responded:
      July 28, 2014 at 10:59 PM

      Yeah. That’s all we can wish them. The fate of the future earth is on their shoulders.
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