Inter-Galactic Wars – 3

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Once again, I’ll love to offer my special thanks to my regular readers and the newbies. To the regular readers, enjoy. To the new readers, here are the links to the former chapters —–» Chapter One and Chapter 2 . Thanks

Month : May
Year : 2807
Day : 16
Location : Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria, Africa.

The time was 7:06AM and the sun was beginning to struggle out from under its canopy of clouds. A body was sprawled across the bed in an absurd manner. It was a male’s body. He kept slamming his hand against the alarm clock every 10 minutes when it buzzed again. At 7:10, the alarm clocked buzzed again. Infuriated, he threw the clock against the wall and it shattered. That was the ninth clock he had broken this month alone, and he couldn’t count the amount he’s destroyed that year. He loved his sleep a lot. Maybe that’s why he retired earlier than his contemporaries to start his own firm. He heard another buzz again. He thought it was the alarm clock and jumped up from his bed, only to realize it was his phone, a HexMac II. He picked up the phone and said to it, “Answer”. The call got answered automatically.

“Captain Habeeb?”, the voice on the other side asked.
Habeeb sighed before starting
“Captain. Its Dr. Evon. I’m the—”
“Head of NASA Space Operations. I know. What do you want from me?”

Dr. Evon was surprised at the man’s knowledge. It was true what he heard about him that he’s crazily intelligent.
“Captain, we need you once again”, admitted the doctor.
Habeeb was already moving towards his kitchen counter and getting himself a glass cup.
“Need me? What for?”
“I’m sure you would have heard about the alien intrusion problem by now. We have a craft at hand and we’re organizing the crew from all over the world. We need a captain, and I personally lobbied that the slot be given to Nigeria because of you. We need you now, Captain”
Habeeb poured himself a glass of orange juice and took a swig.
“So you want me to come clean up your mistake?”
“What are you trying to insinuate, Captain?” asked a furious Charles
“I’m not insinuating anything”, started Habeeb, “But we both know, even if you’ve told no one else, that the reason why these aliens exist and were activated in the first place is just cos of your failed experiment”
“Excuse me?”
, protested the doctor, in a fake tone of annoyance.
Habeeb took another swig and continued.
“Sorry doc. I’m not ready to come die for an unjust cause. You need to tell the world what you’ve done. Else, I’ll call my President and personally ask him not to give you any country man for this cause. You have wronged the whole of Planet Earth, doc”
“I will not stand here while —–“

Habeeb dropped the call. He had no time for liars and government people like this, more of the reason why he retired fast. He turned to the a wall in front of his room and commanded “ON”. A holographic TV appeared and it zapped itself to his favorite station, the Sci-News Channel. A reporter was saying something.

“Last night, an unusual activity was recorded in the Earth’s north pole. According to researching eye-witnesses on site, there was a brief flash of very bright light and then the polar caps started to melt. Late yesterday, there were reports from civilians that there was a giant and strange star sighted over the earth. It was also gathered from a source inside the White House that the head of NASA Space Operations held an impromptu meeting with the President. These have led to a lot of unanswered questions. What are they hiding from us? Are we being attacked? By whom?. This is Sara Geroge, reporting live for the Sci-News Channel”

“FREEZE”, Habeeb commanded.
The TV screen froze at that command. He took another sip from his drink and weighed the options. This was not a call to serve the government, he thought. This was a call to save earth. Maybe he should set aside his personal differences and go for the job. Maybe.

He looked at the phone in his hand and gave it a command.
“Dial Last Number”.

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