Inter-Galactic Wars – 2

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First, wanted to say thanks to all of you that you’re reading. Means a lot. I hope you enjoy this next piece too. In case you haven’t read the first chapter, you can read it HERE . Thanks
Month : May

Year : 2807

Day : 15

Location : United States of America, America.

Dr. Evon was already on his way home from the White House. He had proffered lots of the solution he had thought about to the President. What he did not tell the President though, was how the aliens came to existence in the first place. NASA had been experimenting with an organism prototype and the atmosphere on earth didn’t support it so it was advised that they send it into space and observe it, so they sent it to the nearest planet that had the potential to support life – MARS. It was on Mars and for some months, nothing happened to it so they forgot it and left it there. Unknown to them, the prototype was just in hatching stage. It hatched, started to develop and multiply abundantly by means of binary fission. That was what the project was about. Making macro-organisms undergo binary fission. It started to multiply so much that Mars couldn’t contain them, and no other planet supported life like Earth. Their brains were advanced and in no time, they had made themselves technological geniuses, all these unaware to men. Now, they were planning on attacking their creators. The prototype was named “The SpaceWorm” then, and now, that worm is trying to eat into the earth.

Dr. Evon told reminded the President about the secret spacecraft that had been collectively built and financed by the 50 world’s developing countries, The World Fleet. Dr. Evon told the President that this was the only craft that could fight the battle for earth. The President organized a quick impromptu digital conference meeting with other world leaders and asked them all to supply one skilled personnel for the ship, each country been given the role of the personnel to choose – China, Communications Personnel, Japan, Technological Personnel, US, Tactical Personnel and so on. Nigeria was saddled with finding a captain for the ship. The ship would be ready to move in only two days time. At this point, delay was dangerous.

Dr. Evon kept a lot of secret of his own, too. He did not tell the President that he had developed another explosive device. The device was so strong that it could wipe out an entire planet. He had foreseen something like this, and that was why he did it. The problem is, he had connected the device to the earth’s core before going to meet the President. He knew the aliens would be brutal if they attacked earth, so he was going to give earth a choice. If they attacked, he would blow the planet to pieces so that no one would have it in the end. At least, Earth didn’t go down without a fight. He would have loved to destroy the aliens’ home planet with the device but it was still very unstable and can’t be taken out of earth’s atmosphere without triggering a catastrophic chain reaction back into the earth and its atmosphere.

He pulled up to the road leading to his street and saw a large group of bystanders gathered and looking at the sky. He parked his car, got partially out of it and looked skywards too. He saw what they were looking at. A very large star. Well, everyone thought it was a star. He looked at the innocent people giggling and taking pictures and he shook his head. Only if they knew what was coming for them.

Dr. Evon got back into his car and started it. He activated the car phone by voice.
“Car Phone Activate”, his voice boomed.
The car phone came to life with the message, “Hello Charles”
“Call Frank”, he commanded. The phone started to dial the number of a Frank in his phonebook.
“Hello doctor!” A voice from the other end greeted.
“Hello, Frank, how are you today?”
“Fine sir. You called. Need me for a job?”
“Actually, yes. I need you to pull up a list of respectable ship captains from Nigeria. I mean, space crafts. I’ll need to have options”
“Okay sir”
“And I want the best”
Frank cut in, “we both know the best of them is now self-retired”
The doctor sighed and replied. “I know. Isn’t there any way to get him back into the business?”
“I doubt it, doc, but you could give it a try”
“Okay then. Send me his contacts. I’ll try him in the morning. Got a lot of work on my hand right now”
“Okay doc. I’ll mail you”
“Thanks, Frank”

The phone sensed an end of conversation and put an end to the call. The technologies of these days though, thought the doctor. In less than a minute, the screen came alive again with a new mail notification. He knew that was from Frank – It was the Nigerian Captain’s details.
As he pulled into his garage, he made a mental note to himself to call the Captain the next morning. He had enough to chew for today.

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6 thoughts on “Inter-Galactic Wars – 2

    habeeb said:
    July 20, 2014 at 9:20 PM

    smiles..i wonder who the “best” captain is…anxiously waiting for the next episode


      Christopher responded:
      July 20, 2014 at 9:22 PM

      LOL. You’ll find out in just due time. Come back in another 2-3 days time.
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    richieyoms said:
    July 21, 2014 at 1:19 AM

    Guy I just dnt like dis suspence u keepn me..I wanna finish it at once,am enjoying d freaky allien tinz…ah like it though


      Christopher responded:
      July 21, 2014 at 1:20 AM

      Hahaha. The suspense is part of the full package. You’ll enjoy it as it unfolds. Thanks for being here again. Stay tuned in.
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