The Chronicles of Kurt – III

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May 1987
Started my month on a bad note – Got the FLU. Was kept home and locked into my room for about the 1 week I experienced the fever. Couldn’t go to school and missed my friends. No football games for the first two weeks as exams would be starting. Wrote the exams and they seemed pretty much easier than the tests we had earlier on, or maybe I prepared harder for this. I know this result would be awesome. Went for the Science Quiz my teacher signed me up for and suprised everyone by coming in second. That was so cool. Now the school would notice me more. Last week of the term, we had a game against West High Rangers. I led the team to victory, although I came in as a substitute. The victory ensured that we placed third, so my school goes into the Championships for next session. We were all lauded and lifted shoulder high. I’m having the best phase of my life right now.••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••

June 1987
Holiday’s are here already. Hoping to make the best of it. Got excursions with the Boys’ Scout, lots of hunting and games with Sam and other friends as well as my sister’s birthday to look forward to. This month would be the best.
OMG! OMG! OMG! This can’t be happening. Dad told us he’s been re-assigned to Lagos to continue his work and we have to move with him. That’s what he’s been arguing with mom in late nights. I’m gonna have to leave all my friends, acquaintances, teachers, and most especially, my girlfriend behind. This can’t be happening. And we’re moving next month. This is all too heavy for me to process. I tried talking dad into putting me into a boarding school over here but he wouldn’t have any of it. My whole life is falling apart. This shouldn’t be happening.

July 1987

Dad started making travel plans for us to fly to Nigeria. Seems we’ll be there for a pretty long time, with the number of boxes he’s requesting. Too moody to even join in with the preparations. Some of my friends came visiting when they learnt about it. Sam came first. He promised me we’ll always be friends and that put me in a safer place. Kate and I met too. We talked for a long time. She cried and I did too. We hugged for minutes at length also. There’s no telling when next I’ll see her. She promised me she’ll always be there for me. I’m so lucky to have someone like her for my first girlfriend. My first ever experience with love, and its as great as this. That is so awesome.
I lightened up a little and joined with the preparations. Its a sunny place, a tropical area, so we had shopping to match the kind of climate we were changing to. Members of my extended family : Uncle Joe, Uncle Karl, Aunt Judith, my cousins – Damian, Judith, Clara, James and Cole as well as GrandPa all visited to bade us goodbye. Dad left the house to Grandpa to take care of till we return. We left on the 29th, amidst tears of friends and well wishers.
August 1987

We got to Nigeria and settled at Lagos, as planned. Dad has been assigned to the firm Christopher Engineerings. He said the working conditions there were great and people there were already making him feel at home. Changed schools already to “LarVer International College”. The education system here’s pretty different from how we run ours in America too. They don’t have grades here, just the Junior and Senior Secondary Schools. I was placed in Senior Secondary School Three and my sister in Junior Secondary School Three. The kids here are friendly but I’m yet to make any friends. I feel kind of uneasy too with everyone coming to stare at me, the new white boy. Karen’s getting the same type of attention in her class too. She even almost stopped going to school. Mum hasn’t gotten a job yet and is still helping to unpack all we brought. In our 3 weeks of stay, we’ve opened more mail from America than even hip hop stars. Everyone’s missing us. Having a long distance relationship with Kate and its working out. I think we’re made for each other. Mid-term tests here starts next week, and we’re in something they call the third term here. I think that would have meant second semester back where I’m from. The subjects are pretty much the same, though. I’ve been taught almost everything from where I came from.


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    Is this the end if it isnt please update


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