My Heart’s Desire

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“Israel, do you take Tolani as your lawfully wedded wife, to care and hold, from this day forward, for better and for worse, for richer and for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and cherish, until death do you part?”, the priest asked, in partial fulfillment of the vows to tie the nuptial ties between the two love birds.

With ring in hand, Israel looked straight into Tolani’s eyes and it told a story to him. A story of romance. A story of pure love. A story of unblemished affections. A story of where this love story all started.

Israel was going through a hard stage in his life. He had been tailing a girl for almost three months now, trying to establish her friendship, trying to make her like him and trying to set the grounds for a more advanced relationship when all of a sudden, he saw her relationship status on Facebook change from “Single” to “In A Relationship”. He was amazed, and tactically, he asked her about it without sounding interested in any way. She confirmed it to him, oblivious of the fact that he’s in any way interested in her. Israel decided he was going to give up on love altogether as this was not the first time he’d be that unlucky.

He was on his way to the library as these thoughts coursed through his mind. Its been about a month since the occurrence but its still fresh in his mind like it was yesterday. The library was the only place he could go : He found solace in books and escaped the constant noises around him. It allowed him to concentrate his thoughts.

In no time, he was in. The librarian greeted him warmly as he was a regular visitor of the library. He went straight to the novel section, chose one from “Larry Christopher’s” collection and settled down to read. Detective novels were his favorites. The adrenaline rush he gets from them was enough to make him forget everything else, even time, and he hated to be disturbed while reading.

Few minutes into his reading, not more than twenty-five minutes, he felt a light tap on his right shoulder. He didn’t budge. Then again, the tap came. Agitated, he turned around with a frown on his face. What he saw wiped off his frown instantly. SHE looked like the sweetest girl he’s ever seen. She looked innocently beautiful with carefully cut-out features : the eyes, the nose, the mouth and the lips. Damn! She even had some great hair to accentuate the beauty.
“Could you show me to the Novels’ Section, please?”, she asked, revealing a set of white teeth he never thought existed.
“Yes.. Yes.. Sure”. He offered to take her there himself. This was too much beauty to let go, he thought.

He took her around the corner to where the novels are, and to his surprise, she went straight to the “Detective Novels Sub-Category”. She even likes his kind of books. What a double blessing. He was still thinking about this when she turned to him again.
“Erm, sorry to bother, but do you read detective novels?”
“Yeah. I do. They’re my best actually”, Israel replied, trying to hard his admiration for her as much as he could.
“Surprise me”, she said with a beautiful smile playing on her lips, “Choose me a book”
Without much ado, Israel reached for one of the books in Larry Christopher’s series.

Her eyes widened with respect when she saw his choice.
“Oh My God”, she started, slightly covering her mouth with her perfectly manicured fingers, “You love Larry’s series too?”
“They’re my obsession. You too?”
“Yeah. Can’t believe it took so long to find someone that appreciates real literature like you”
Israel would have blushed at this comment, had he been lighter. He saw a chance here, he was going to take it. 50-50 chance of winning though.
“Mind if I buy you a drink downstairs while you tell me about the Larry’s book you like the most?”, he asked.
She paused for a little while, stared him straight in the eyes, and with a little grin spreading around her pretty lips, she said a yes.

Israel’s heart leapt for joy. He quickly gathered his book and personal effects, signed for borrowing and ushered his new friend downstairs, walking behind as they descended the fleet of stairs.
“You know” she started, “you never told me your name”
“Uhm. Excuse my manners. I’m Israel. You?”
“I’m Tolani. You’re cute”, she giggled. “Nice meeting you”
At this, Israel blushed, irregardless of his skin colour.

And so, a budding love was born.

With the ring still in his hand, Israel looking into the eyes of the smiling Tolani, he replied to the Priest’s question.
“She is my Heart’s Desire. I DO”.

The title for this piece was submitted by Israel, a friend. I hope I’ve done justice to your title. Thanks for reading.


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