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See, I came into this Interviews section today wearing bulletproof, so please don’t even try to use guns and stones on me. They won’t work. Now let me apologise. I’m sorry for not having brought an interview in a while. My hands have been tied in some other commitments.
Now, as you know. I brought you a consolation : an awesome tweep. You can guess who she is..

She’s the fun tweep. She’s everyone’s Boo. She calls everyone Hun. She’s Davido’s Number 1 fan. Never got time for a twitfight. PrinzGbemi’s e-boo.
You still don’t know her?

Its @Mzz_Mide.

Yeah. I hear your applauses. Thanks. I know I did good. Quick tip for you : she’s a lawyer, don’t mess with her :D. Now let’s go to the interview proper. Enjoy.

Christopher : Hi. I’m Christopher. Let’s meet you.
@mzz_mide : My names are Olamide Olabimpe Ajana, a 2nd year student at University of Portsmouth, a lawyer in the making.

Christopher : Nice name you’ve got. Its obvious where you got your handle from. Did you start with that handle?
@mzz_mide : Thanks. Well, I actually started with @pwedypwincess, but I changed it after a while.

Christopher : What occasioned the change?
@mzz_mide : LOL,nothing really. I just felt I needed something better. Besides, that handle sounds kinda bush!

Christopher : Haha. Bush indeed. How do you keep up with the twitter popularity? And do you see yourself as a twitceleb?
@mzz_mide : How do i keep up with the twitter popularity? When I have books to read? Plus there’s no such thing as twit-celeb.

Christopher : Oh. Sounds interesting. So you’ve got love for books?
@mzz_mide : Well I heard that’s the secret behind every successful person, and I wanna be successful. so yeah, I love books 😀

Christopher : That’s great. Really great to hear from a tweep too. So what are your likes and dislikes?
@mzz_mide : I like music. I like my family and friends too. I dislike liars. That’s real turnoff

Christopher : Hmm. So what do you do for fun? Like, your hobbies
@mzz_mide : I sing and I also love traveling.

Christopher : You sing? That should explain your crush on Davido *laughs*. What motivates you?
@mzz_mide : LOL. Just leave my boo outta this. my Dad is my greatest motivation. Then my Mum too 🙂

Christopher : Best motivators. And my hands are off your boo already. What accomplishment of yours are you most proud of?
@mzz_mide : Lol. Thanks. None for now. I have achieved a lot though but not stuffs I’m proud of, ‘cos I believe I can do better!

Christopher : Come on. Share some of them with us. We won’t judge.
@mzz_mide : Loool. Did youu say “we”? I know y’all better than you know yourselves! Let’s just drop it there.

Christopher : *laughs* okay. I get you. What’s the best prank you’ve ever played or someone and/or that’s been played on you?.
@mzz_mide : Lol, am never good with that stuff. I tried many times buh it never works out! :(. And yeah, I think I’ve been pranked before, but I can’t remember *laughs*

Christopher : “Many times”? :O. One mischievous mind is behind this handle, I fear. Any professional intentions?
@mzz_mide : LOL. Planning on working in one of the biggest law firm in the UK. And afterwards, I’d love to become a Chief Judge in Nigeria.

Christopher : So you’re a learned fellow (I hope I got that right). That’s awesome.
What’s one misconception people often have about you?
@mzz_mide : LOL. Lotta people say I’M MEAN, but people who say that are people who dont really know me.

Christopher : Happens. So on a final note, if you could meet someone, living or dead, asides DavidO, who would it be?.
@mzz_mide : I think Troian Bellisario (Spencer #PLL)

Christopher : Hmm. Nice.
@mzz_mide : I know, right?

Christopher : Thanks for taking part in the interview. You get a chance to ask me one question, any one of your choice. So, carry on..
@mzz_mide : What do u think of me?

Christopher : I used to think you were just like the others forming twitcelebs. Now I know beyond the handle, exists a serious person..
@mzz_mide : Lol. Thanks.

Christopher : You’re welcome.

And there you have it. All you need to know about your favorite Mzz_Mide in one interview. Want to know her more? Proceed to checking the interview below. Drop your comments below too. Thanks.


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