The Chronicles Of Kurt – II

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The next page Hagin opened after that was blank, except for a word and four numbers : “YEAR 1987” , written boldly in the middle in what was unmistakably, his father’s handwriting. Hagin shrugged and opened the next page. He smiled as if he had hit a jackpot. A long story awaited him. He relaxed more and started to read.


January 1987
Still getting my tooth rested from the marvellous feating from December. Last year was surely one hell of a great year for us all. Dad got a new job with a better pay, Mum’s still working at the school and Grandpa survived his surgery. I’m cool with my girlfriend Kate, whom I know I’m lucky to have and everything’s going smooth. What could go wrong? We got a new class teacher in school and he’s really cool. I also tried out for the football team this season, Coach Bern is yet to get back to us. I hope I make the shortlist. We have a new principal too, Dr. Price or something. Man! He is so strict. I hope the district does something about him and bring back someone like our former, fun-loving principal. This man is ready to break everyone of us.
Played lots of street basketball this month. 2 against 2s. Paired up with my best friend, Sam (who else would I pair with? :D). Dad also promised to take me to work next month. Finally going to get to see what it is Chemical Engineers do. My sister, Karen, is still as mischievous as ever. She soaked my shoes overnight to prevent me from going to school, just to avenge my not letting her watch her favorite show. I wonder when she’ll stop. I love her, but I’m never gonna tell her that. That’s pretty much the summary of what happened in January. Looking forward to this new month.

February 1987
Dad made good on his promise and took me to work. He’s on a field work at the moment and seeing it is so cool. He’s working with other engineers to construct a brewery. How cool is that? Sam and I made the football team too! Our persevearence finally helped us through. We haven’t played our first games yet, though. Coach thinks we need to get more training and watch to gain experience. Screw experince, I need to be on the field. Kate and I had a series of dates this month. Planning to take her to the premiere of the movie “Hans” next month. I know she’ll love it too. Mid-term tests are around the corner. How time flies, I think. My cousin, Damian, had his birthday this month. It was really fun with him, like always. Uncle Joe also visited. Its been a while since we last saw him. He’s always out flying planes. I think I want to become a pilot someday too. I think next month would hold more suprises for me. I just know it.

March 1987
Saw the movie “Hans” with Kate and she loved it! Just like I predicted. Another suprise is, I got my first series of games this month. I came in as a substitute for our injured quarterback and coach says I’ll stay there till he’s fit again. I’ve made lots more friends since joining the team, and everyone seems to love me more. Sam still hasn’t gotten to play any games and I’m sorry for that, but coach makes the call, not me. Heard Dad and Mum get into serious arguments for a couple of nights. Nothing seems to be amiss. I hope its nothing serious. Mid-term tests also held. Nothing to hold me back. It was crazy and difficult. I think the principal set it all himself. That man would ruin this school. He’s not making it fun for anyone anymore. I hope the management does something about him soon. And VERY soon.

April 1987
Still continuing my game playing. The former quarterback is in training for a comeback. I’m scared I’ll be restricted to the bench again. On the brighter side, Sam grabbed himself a couple of games this month too, coming in as substitute. He even helped us clinch a one-point victory over Wilhemina Wolves. Exams are coming around. Session ends next month. Rains are getting extreme this month. Too much for an April like this. Sister came down with the flu too.
My Chemistry teacher signed me up for an inter-school scinece quiz. I’m scared already. Its been a while since I’ve been in a quiz and the kids from those other schools are really good. Don’t think I’m prepared. Holds a few before the session ends. Break after the exams. Maybe that’ll help to end the month on a great note. Maybe.


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