A Birthday To Remember

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12:00 AM.

My first alarm went off. It was a Wednesday and I set my alarm for 12:00AM early morning. Anyone would be wondering what was wrong with me. Nothing much, only that the day happened to be my birthday. I wanted to be the first person to wish myself a genuine happy birthday before others came trooping in. That day, I set double alarms – one for 12 : 00 AM, which rang now, and the other for 5:30AM, my normal rising time.

I wished myself a happy birthday, took a selfie (something I rarely do) and went back to bed, happy that my day was going to be full of wishes. In short, it was going to be like a day specially made for me. I woke up at expected at 5:34 A.M, letting the alarm scream a little before dragging myself off the bed. Friends on Facebook had already flooded my TimeLine with birthday wishes (those people are zombies. Don’t they ever sleep?!), some of my secondary school mates had already messaged as well as my parents and siblings. Now what was left was my departmental classmates. I had only one class to attend that day and I had the idea it was going to be mind-blowing. After all, I used to lead the class into surprise birthdays for everyone, why wouldn’t they throw one for me too?

I approached my department with an air of importance strewn around myself, carrying my head, chin and shoulders high. In my long-sleeved white shirt, brown chinose pants and a nice dark Gucci Suede shoe, I was good to go. On getting to class, everyone seemed to be bustling about their pre-class activity, not even noticing me. I did not get a simple, “Good morning, Chris”, talkless of Happy Birthday. No banners anywhere or anything to show that they even remembered my birthday. Something must be wrong with these people. Didn’t they see me, the ‘golden boy’ (*pops collar*) walk into class?

“Are these people blind?”, I secretly thought to myself. Maybe they didn’t know I was in the room already.
“Good morning, everyone”, I said to the class. Some of them turned their heads to look at me and just nodded in comprehension. Others just waved off my greeting. This wasn’t what I expected. I hate everyone.

Class went on normally for the day. The 2-hour class seemed to take only 30 minutes as my sense of judgment and time had already been taken up by anger. Immediately after the class, I took my bag, packed my books and stormed out of the class. I had barely walked a few steps when a loud shout of my name stopped me in my tracks.

“Hey, Chris!”, the female voice, Sade’s , screamed.
I looked back and in a flash, it all hit me. They had been waiting to attack me with their ‘advanced weaponry’ of sachet water. I couldn’t dodge it all. Anywhere I tried to move to, there was another ‘soldier’ armed with multiple ‘bullets of water’ waiting for me. This restored happiness to my soul. Little did I know they were just starting.

Balloons half-blown were let out of a sack, all bearing the happy birthday message and allowed to sail free into the sky. I was really touched. They did remember afterall. Then came the last but not the least. They made me a cake!
We all shared, took pictures and had fun. I rescinded my former thought – I LOVE everybody now. I love them all.

I returned to my room that day, soaking wet from head to toe, bathed like I was beaten by an heavy rain, but as happy as a mosquito allowed to suck blood without hindrance.
What I thought would be a day to forget, became a BIRTHDAY TO REMEMBER…

NOTE : Its been a while I brought y’all a story on this portal. Forgive me, my hands have been ‘cemented’ in other stuffs. It took lots of energy to free the hand.

SPECIAL NOTE : I’ll be starting a new series soon titled “The Chronicles of Kurt”.. I hope you all LOVE it. I’ll drop stories in between it so as to prevent it from being monotonous. (I don’t even know if I used that big English well. Forgive my thumbs)

MORE SPECIAL NOTE : I hate all of y’all that didn’t wish me a HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Like, come on, its not easy to think and write these stuffs na. Still you can’t appreciate me for still being here for another year to write?
Anyways shar, y’all are forgiven. I transferred the hate to the ‘fictional birds’ that burst my ‘fictional balloons’ as they sailed into the sky.

MOST SPECIAL NOTE : For y’all who didn’t know, my birthday is the 20th of May. Yeah, that’s the day of the KINGS (*flashes teeth*)
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2 thoughts on “A Birthday To Remember

    ayinlawale said:
    May 31, 2014 at 12:48 PM

    иι¢є σиє вяσ , I wished you a happy birthday on Facebook , hope u did see that … chronicles of Kurt !!!! Can’t wait


      Larry McExx responded:
      May 31, 2014 at 3:42 PM

      Oh! Thanks bruv. Although I must confess, the date on that portal is misleading. Series would be coming soon. I hope you’ll enjoy it.


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