#Hypelee (@galacticoHD)’s Interview.

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Okay, so I haven’t brought you guys an interview in a while. Guess what, I was chasing down another quality tweep, just like the rest. What name comes to mind when you mention the pervy fun tweep? Yeah, Mr. Galactico. Read his interview below. Enjoy.


Christopher : Hi. I’m Christopher. May we know you?
@galacticoHD : I’m Olayinka.

Christopher : That’s a great name. Could you kindly share more light on how you came about your handle?
@galacticoHD : Galactico has been my nickname from my high school days cuz I support realmadrid and The Galacticos was their alias back then. When I wanted to sign up on twitter, I realised someone has already taken up the name so I just put the “HD” to show that I am … an advanced version *raises collar*

Christopher : LOOOL :D.. I see the collar. So, according to you, do you consider yourself a twitceleb?
@galacticoHD : Nope, there is no such things as twitceleb….

Christopher : Getting to know you more, what are your likes and dislikes?
@galacticoHD : Likes? Honesty n transparency… Dislikes… Hypocrisy

Christopher : If you’re asked to describe yourself, what would you say?
@galacticoHD : A normal dude who likes all those things I just said and dislikes the others

Christopher : That seems pretty straightforward. What motivates you?
@galacticoHD : My family…The will to make momma happy drives me

Christopher : Who’s your role model / mentor?
@galacticoHD : Don’t have one.

Christopher : Hmm.. That’s a first. Okay then. What is / are your professional intention(s)?
@galacticoHD : Planning on starting a book review website where I can work on analysis of African text….

Christopher : That sounds interesting. When will you be launching that?
@galacticoHD : It is a huge project so I recently submitted my proposal to a huge IT company that wants to help finance it. In months’ time.

Christopher : We all await.. SucceSs to your plans. To your more fun side, who’s your celebrity crush?.
@galacticoHD : Jessica Alba ooooo. I fit die untop her matter

Christopher : LOOL. Noted. How about music? What’s your favorite genre and artiste?
@galacticoHD : Soft rock…. John Mayer

Christopher : How about the funniest prank(s) played on you ? Or by you?
@galacticoHD : Can’t remember one

Christopher : Really? So what’s one misconception people often have about you?
@galacticoHD : That I am a bad boy…

Christopher : Woah. It’ll be pretty hard convincing them against thatAnd to round it all up, you get to ask me ONE question, so fire away..
@galacticoHD : What d’yu fink of me?

Christopher : I used to think you were just a pervy tweep. I guess I was wrong. But I’m right on others cos I used to think you were funloving and cool.
@galacticoHD : Okay
Lights. Camera. Action. And its a wrap. Read that? I guess you think more of him now. Thanks for reading. Check out his gallery below.


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