The Murder (II)

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I called my office and requested to speak with the Chief of Operations, someone we call McLaw.
“Hey Chris. What’s the situation on ground” he asked
“Not good boss, not good at all”
“Tell me ’bout it”
“He was dead before I came here, and his right hand had been sawed off. Really gory. His wallet didn’t give much info too. Only found a piece of paper with the numbers 4052 on it”
“Any idea why his hand was cut?”, he further asked me.
I bent down to look at the chain beside the phone and noticed streaks of blood on some of the linkages, and some flesh in another one.
“I think I know what happened here.

He attached something to the hand and secured it there, maybe a briefcase or something else. The hand was cut to retrieve whatever he was protecting”. I felt proud of myself to have made such a great observation at first sight, but then again, why would I be a detective if I didn’t have such skill set?
“That sounds really gory and inhumane”, started McLaw, “Chris, I’m putting you in charge of this investigation. I want results”
He didn’t even allow me to protest before I heard the dial tone. This was going to be a tough and tricky one. I put my phone back into my pocket and called one of the unit cops that came with me.
“Here, sir”
“Get forensics over here right now. Check for fibers and DNA material, and have the test results sent back to my office”
“Yes sir”
“And also, bag the evidences around and have them sent to me too. I’ll be in my office”
“That would be done too, sir”
“Thanks. I’ll send you a car”.
With that, I left Wale at the scene and left in the car we came with with Ben. I’m sensing another long investigation before me”

I sat in my office, my shirt unbuttoned three buttons down and tucked out and a mug of coffee on my table alongside other documents. It was three days after the murder, and the time was 9:15PM, late evening, but with little activity still going on in the office. This case is proving hard to crack. I took the deceased’s phone in my hand, most of the motherboard destroyed probably due to a hard smash, maybe at sometimes before death. We have been trying to pull off data from the phone and it has been largely unsuccessful. The fibers we found on him were mostly deduced to be from an expensive rider’s jacket, made of leather and fur. This led us to think the attacker must have been rich or well funded. But all these pointed to no one in particular. We couldn’t just go around Lagos chasing down rich people and locking them up. His wallet had also been stripped, leaving no ID card or anything we might identify him with, except for the numbers – 4052. We even checked and cross checked his picture with that of reported missing persons in the last few days but nothing showed up. This case gave me no leads at all.
I was running my hand through my hair, a thing I do out of frustration when Kate, our best system analyst walked into my office.
“I may have good news, sir”, she began with a grin on her face.
“Really? Tell me. What’s it?”. I was truly moved by her sentence. Anything I could lay my hands on was worth it.
“The phone’s data board was destroyed, but with help from some of the tech guys downstairs, we repaired it and could pull some mail information from it”
“So what did you get?” I eagerly asked.
“Something useful. He exchanged lots of emails with this firm, Hex Technologies. The nature of the messages suggest that he works or worked with them”
“Oh! Interesting discovery. Thank you very much Kate. You guys have done a great job. I’ll check out the lead tomorrow. Keep your eyes open”
With a curt nod, Kate left my office. I was so happy within myself for the people I work with. The efficiency. I gathered my jacket, phone, gun and car keys, flipped off the switch and left the office. I had a long day ahead. I might as well get some sleep.


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