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I know I didn’t bring you an interview last month. Yeah, I’m sorry. But believe me, it wasn’t easy getting hold of this tweep I had my mind on. He was busy and busy and busy. I think I was in sheer luck when I had time with him yesterday. My session with him made me believe its not wise to judge a person from their tweets. Here’s the interview…

Christopher : Hi, I’m Larry.. May we know you?
@uncle_ajala : Hello,I’m Ajala Imisioluwa Paul Eniola. I’m an Architect.

Christopher : Oh.. Who knew you had such great names? :D. How did you come about your handle?
@uncle_ajala : Just outta my weird thinking. I was using @iluvinspiration before, later changed to naijaclown.

Christopher : Hmm.. But something about those handles didn’t seem to work for you, right?
@uncle_ajala : @iluvinspiration was too long and boring. After it I changed to uncle_ajala, I got tired, I changed to naijaclown, also to tweet_doctore.
Tweet_doctore was selling cos I was so blunt and brutal on my TL cos am fearless. But tweeps wanted uncle_ajala back. After open debate, uncle won.

Christopher : I saw the debate, and of a truth, I prefer uncle_ajala too. Thanks for sharing. Do you in any way see yourself as a twit-celeb?
@uncle_ajala : I don’t like when people call me that. To me we are all tweeps on here. I don’t believe in that twit_celeb bullshit. I’m only a celeb in my house.

Christopher : *laughs hysterically* respect there. So I guess you could do without twitter, that’s right?
@uncle_ajala : I joined twitter 2010. I didn’t know what’s it about until a year after. I started tweeting when I started my M. Sc cos I was in class with old people. Most of my friends have left school for NYSC, but I waited 4 M. Sc. For now, twitter is my playground. I like twitter, but its only God I can’t do without.

Christopher : Insightful, and your mindset is awesome. Really. Brings me to this. What are your likes and dislikes?
@uncle_ajala : I just don’t like disappointment and poverty cos I was raised in a poor home. I know how poverty feels. That’s why I’m working towards greatness. I like designing, traveling, making money and being alone. I don’t like it when people disturb my peace.

Christopher : Sounds like we have an introvert here.. *smile*. I say amen to your prayer towards greatness. What accomplishments of yours are you most proud of?
@uncle_ajala : Maybe having M. Sc between the age of 24 and 25 and the fact that I’ve been paying my rent since 200level even when mum would have secured an hostel for me in school. Lemme say my greatest achievement is the fact that have been independent since my 200level day all by grace of God.

Christopher : You know, with every answer, you just surprise me more and more. If I may ask, where do you see yourself in the next 5-10 years?
@uncle_ajala : A registered architect, maybe the youngest governor or minister in Nigeria, also a father and a husband with greatness all over me by God’s grace.

Christopher : Amen to that. If I were to ask what motivates you, what would your answer be?
@uncle_ajala : God, my Parents cos they were poor, this makes me to dislike poverty, and my brain. I think its functioning well. When people see my 3D’s, they wow.

Christopher : I would so much love to see one one of these days. So to your much more fun side, who’s your favorite artiste?
@uncle_ajala : I don’t have one. I just Love Good Music.

Christopher : How about the funniest prank played on you? Or by you?
@uncle_ajala : I don’t play pranks.

Christopher : The serious-minded.. And to round it up, what’s one misconception people often have about you?
@uncle_ajala : They do think I came from a wealthy home because of the way I package myself, all thanks to architecture. We need packaging in everything.

Christopher : *laughs* of a truth, me too. I think same. As a bonus, you get the chance to ask me just one question. So fire away, sir.
@uncle_ajala : Who Are You?

Christopher : *laughs* that could be answered in a number of ways. I’m a boy seeking greatness. I’m a person who wants to be among the cream of the society. I’m a writer who seeks to grow, a student who wishes to succeed, and overall, I’m Lanre, who wants to grow..
@uncle_ajala : That’s Cool, God is your strength.

Christopher : Amen, and amen again..


And that's all.. See that? You really can't judge a tweep by his tweet. I hope you've been inspired. Below's his gallery/related pictures. Do enjoy..


3 thoughts on “I ♥ ARCHITECTURE (@uncle_ajala)’s Interview..

    herreeate said:
    March 7, 2014 at 3:22 PM

    Lol thumbs up to uncle ajala…..I really like everything he said


    Rena said:
    January 9, 2015 at 11:36 AM

    That’s way the beestst answer so far!


    horllybee said:
    August 7, 2015 at 4:07 PM

    uncle ajala is really a wonderful person, the best tweep on my TL…


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