Flappy Bird : My Thoughts

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Just yesterday, I opened a list of blogs I bookmarked just to keep in touch with the news around town and one seemed to be recurrent – “Developer Of Flappy Bird Wants To Take It Down.”
I traded my Android OS mobile nearly four months ago, so I had no access to the Flappy Bird app, but I’ve seen and read about it more on my Twitter Timeline, and most of the things I read were kind of hateful comments so I took my time yesterday to research deep into the game.

First thing that came to my mind was, if this game occupies the first position in the app store, then where are the likes of the equally addictive Temple Run? Those games also show great potential, and with what I saw (since I played the latter when I still had my ‘droid), it seemed to be better than the Flappy Bird. The success then seemed a myth to me.

Some of the reasons I think the above-mentioned game is better and so makes the success more shocking are…

  • Flappy Bird’s graphics contains not so clear pixels, while Temple Run’s are so clear
  • Flappy Bird is the only from the developer, while Temple Run had series to keep it going
  • Flappy Bird makes use of some Super Mario effects, while Temple Run is all natural
  • Flappy Bird was developed in Vietnam, a country not so known for gaming flair, while Temple Run came from the US.
  • On and on goes the reasons, and I think the mythically huge success is what overwhelmed the developer when he came to the decision to take it down. But then, another series of thoughts arose. Why would you take down an avenue from which you generate about $50,000 dollars a day? My brain sprung into action, I deliberated upon it, and the reasons I could arrive at can be summarized as follows

  • Fear due to the constant threats the developer was receiving
  • Avoidance of court action since he has already been accused of using content from other developers
  • An introvert who doesn’t enjoy the attention he’s getting from the press
  • Other personal reasons
  • Or he’s really saying the truth and doesn’t like how much publicity the game has gotten and its addictiveness.
  • Those were the things I thought of, and I hope they get verified in the nearest future, as I’m still in some kind of debate with my head over here, as to which point seems more viable

    I’m not being biased or prejudiced. They’re just my thoughts..


    3 thoughts on “Flappy Bird : My Thoughts

      herreeate said:
      February 17, 2014 at 11:22 AM

      The game pissed me off like mad! Deleted it almost immediately after I downloaded it…..wasted MB!ugh!temple run is still really nice and I love Scarlett Fox so much #nohomo :d


        Larry McExx responded:
        February 17, 2014 at 10:04 PM

        LOOOOOOL.. Another hate comment. Love Temple Run too. Guy Dangerous all the way..


          herreeate said:
          February 18, 2014 at 8:00 AM

          Lol every guy likes Guy Dangerous so am not surprised


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