A Day At The Bank – VI

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I can’t stress how much I appreciate the reader support on this article. For those that have been following, I am very grateful. In case you haven’t read the past series, or missed some, here are the links to them [Chapter —-» One , Two, Three, Four and Five . ] Thank You.

This series is continued from forty-five minutes after Larry has been locked up.
My mind worked in overdrive as I’ve been left in solitude of my cell for so long. They all thought I was a thief and I was determined to vindicate myself. I know I’m a clever person, and armed with such a brain as I had in my skull, it wasn’t so long before I drew up a plan. I called the seargent nearby and told him I required to speak with the Divisional Police Officer. He went ahead and tendered my request, and fortunately for me, it was granted. I was led out in shackles, both on my hands and feet, towards the DPO’s office. Once in, I requested privacy and the DPO waved off the attending sergeant, who gave a curt salute, and left.

“I was told you requested to see me. Ready to confess?”, he inquired, his small, squinty eyes boring into me.
“I wanted to see you, yes”, I started, “But I’m not here to confess, sorry to burst your bubble”. I really did burst his bubble. A ray of hope or something similar that I saw in his eyes when I came in was already gone. Then I continued before he got the chance to cut me off. “But I can get you one”. I had his attention again.
“Go on”, he answered, interested in whatever plan I had conjured up in my head during my moments of solitude.

His interest gave me more courage to continue and I started to tell him about my plan, which was based on the element of fear and surprise.
“Sir, my boss knows you have me in custody, and I believe he is in on the plot to get the money, which I saw you hand over back to him when I was being arrested, but I can help you prove that I’m innocent and he’s guilty, alongside the bank manager”, I poured out.
“What bank manager?”, he asked. That was when I knew that he didn’t even know most of the story. All the information he was armed with was that I was possibly involved in the bank robbery, and they had the video of my fire-exit escape to prove it. I took the chance to narrate everything to him, not leaving out any detail, about the event in the bank, the manager’s feigned death, my abduction, and my eventual escape. I also didn’t leave out the fact that I might have committed murder, which made the DPO stir a little, since coming clean might be my only solution.
“So you mean you’ve been involved in a murder, suspected thief, and you could be sued for larceny if this isn’t true, that’s right?”
“Yes, but I can help get the truth. I have a plan”.
“I want to hear it”
I went ahead and told him my detailed plan, leaving out not even the smallest part. At the end of it all, the DPO looked at me more closely, as if he was reading my thoughts. This went on for what was about five minutes of silence.

“How sure am I that you’re not using us? And that you’ll turn against us later?”, he asked
“I’m not. Remember, I’m trying to clear my name”
“And are you sure your method will work?”
“I hope it will. We have to try”
He paused for a moment. “Okay then, I’ll have you set up”. He rung up a corporal, gave him orders and he came back with a surveillance kit with which I was wired up. I was also given a gun filled with blank bullets, and seemed ready to go.
“Good luck. You have seven minutes, once you get in. You don’t get a confession by then, we extract you”
“That should be enough”, I replied, “thanks for giving me this chance”.
He gave me a curt nod and I was led towards the police vehicle that would convey me back to my boss’ house, ready to get a confession out of him

You read this to the end, again. Thanks. Next episode would be the last. Don’t forget to follow to the end. I do hope the suspense was thrilling.


2 thoughts on “A Day At The Bank – VI

    sabbathston said:
    January 26, 2014 at 1:56 PM

    Omo, u’ve got to b bold o, dat ur boss na devil


    herreeate said:
    January 31, 2014 at 10:00 AM

    for your mind na…i await the next episode


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