A Day At The Bank – V

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I can’t say this enough. I appreciate your comments, your time, your sharing, and you urging me on by the support. Welcome, again, and for newbies, follow these links to read the previous chapters [Chapters —–» One, Two, Three and Four ]


I arrived at my boss’ house a few minutes later, and then I realized I had no money on me to give to the cab driver. I appealed to him to allow me go to the gate and get some money, but by sheer generosity, he let me off. That would have been all thanks to how beggar-like I look, considering all the happenings of the day. I got out of the cab and briskly covered the distance from the road to my boss’ large house, which I wouldn’t be so wrong to call a mansion. I knocked on the gate and Peter, the gate man, who knew me well like the back of his palm, attended to me. He told me my boss was home and I could just go straight in, although there was still this look of concern on his face. I didn’t blame him. I would have had that look too if I were him.

With a feeling of safety, as if I’m in a safe house or a secure harbor, I clutched the briefcases more to my chest in victory and knocked on his door. I waited for what seemed like only a few minutes before the door was opened. Instantly, as he saw me, his jaw fell wide open, his eyes widened and he looked like someone in shock. In what seemed like a split second, he regained his senses and pulled me into a deep embrace. He invited me in and I settled down, setting the briefcases down beside me.

“Where have you been, Chris? I’ve been searching all over town for you. I almost thought you had bailed on us with the money. And why’re you looking all roughed up like that?”, he said, whilst pouring me a drink.
“I’m sorry, sir. Its a little bit complicated. I got abducted by —”
“Abducted?”, he interrupted, “Oh my God! How did that happen? When ? How’d you get out? Were you hurt?”. All these flew out of his mouth like in the same second while he rushed over to me.

I took pain to explain everything, the extraction, the escape, the fake death, the kidnap and the final escape. He listened all through and then asked, “So, you mean that son-of-b*tch called Manager is dead?”
“Yeah, I’m pretty sure. I went for his lower right, below his ribs. He’d have bled to death in five minutes, tops”
“That was one narrow escape you had. I’m so happy you’re safe. Never knew what I’d have done without you”
I was feeling more warm and at home now.
“Thanks, sir”
He downed his drink in one second and continued.
“I think you’ll need some protection. I’ll make a few calls down the hall to get you a security detail”. Before I could say thank you, he stood up and left. How happy I was with what a boss I had.

I continued sipping my scotch and watching the television when I looked down the hall where my boss was making the call. His image was silhouetted against the wall and I laughed at the funny way it looked. Then it hit me. Cold chills were sent down my spine. A feeling of Deja Vu crept over me quickly. This was the exact same silhouette that was talking to the manager where I was held. I’m in another trap.
My survival instinct kicked in, but I wasn’t going to leave the bags. I clutched them to myself and ran out of the living room, into the open compound, where I saw Peter opening the gate. I stopped dead in my tracks, few meters from the door, few meters from the gate, when I saw the navy-blue colored vehicles come in. I was confused.

Ten cops alighted from the vehicles and started towards me, hands on holster. I began to back up, till my boss showed up behind me, and uttered the most mind-blowing sentence I could probably deal with.
“That’s him, the thief”, he said, coldly and confidently.
“No! You don’t understand” I tried explaining to the cops, who had already whipped out cuffs and placed them on my hands.
“I think we do. Remain silent, sir”, said a lanky one who dragged me towards their vehicle.
I felt betrayed, for the second time in 24 hours. I looked back at my boss, with an evil grin in his eyes, and said, “You will answer for this!”.
With that, I was led to my new home, the police cell….

I might have kept this piece a little long, but I do wish you enjoyed it. What happened to me next, you ask? Why don’t you come back and find out for yourself. Thanks for reading, again..


4 thoughts on “A Day At The Bank – V

    herreeate said:
    January 21, 2014 at 8:26 AM

    GOBE!!!!!…..I await the next episode


    Larry McExx responded:
    January 21, 2014 at 10:21 AM

    LOOOL. Thanks for reading.


    Mistablak1 said:
    January 26, 2014 at 7:03 AM

    Wow!!wat a nice piece of work!!an absolute thriller…cnt wait 2 know wat ll apen nxt


    A Day At The Bank – VI « Christopher's Cave... said:
    January 26, 2014 at 11:32 AM

    […] past series, or missed some, here are the links to them [Chapter —-» One , Two, Three, Four and Five . ] Thank […]


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