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Had a great noon with this tweep from twitter, and I thought it nice to interview him for you all to know him better. Not to lie, it wasn’t easy interviewing him, as he had this unforseen mastery of words, but to my credit, I think I hung on pretty well. So, here goes..

Christopher : Can we get to know you?
@moneylabi : Okay. I’m Owolabi ‘Segun..

Christopher : Oh. Nice name there. So, how did you come about your twitter handle? Like, what inspired it?
@moneylabi : Well, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to pull it off, first part of my surname turned English then the other part in Yoruba, hence moneylabi.
Glad thing I was the first twitter user to think of that.

Christopher : First? Nice to know you have a unique mind, isn’t it?
@moneylabi : Well, unique mind? Sounds like you’re patronising me but thanks 😀

Christopher : *laughs* kind of. What are your major likes and dislikes?
@moneylabi : Well, Likes and dislikes are subjective, especially when the situation begs you to differ.
So, I’ll just say, I like good things and gestures and I dislike its opposite.

Christopher : Hmm.. Sounds like something I’ll go think about too. Can you do without twitter?
@moneylabi : Yes, its not a major part of my life.

Christopher : Sounds good to know. Would you see yourself as a twitter celebrity?
@moneylabi : Twitter celebrity? I won’t like to entertain such “farce”. I’m a regular twitter user.

Christopher : That’s surprising, considering the several hundreds of followers you have
@moneylabi : *laughs*.. sorry, I had to laugh there…

Christopher : *smile* I understand. Brings me to this. It would have been on everyone’s mind, so, is there anything between you and either of @Niyi__ or @slimmytychus?
@moneylabi : LOOOOOOL…. Niyi is my friend, same applies for Slimmytychus. Nothing more.
Plus, I’m Straight. Thanks.

Christopher : That’s good to know, although hard to believe. *grin*. On a scale of 1-10, how good are you in the kitchen?
@moneylabi : Errrm… On a fair and impartial scale, I’ll say 8

Christopher : For a male, that’s awesome. Happy I’ll go home not hungry when I come visiting:)
@moneylabi : Well, I’ll be sure to perform some kitchen magic. 🙂

Christopher : what accomplishments of yours are you most proud of?
@moneylabi : Accomplishments?… *laughs*… I have quite a lot, I’ll rather not say tho’.

Christopher : Let me guess, ever won some cooking competition with that skill?:D
@moneylabi : I’m not the type to enrol for such, it doesn’t appeal to me.

Christopher : What’s your type of music? And your favourite artiste(s)?
@moneylabi : I’m open minded, I like music from various genres.
My fav. Artiste? I can’t say, it changes with time and music.

Christopher : Those are some neat answers you keep throwing at me. I’m impressed.
@moneylabi : *smiles*… I’ll take that as a compliment.

Christopher : Brings me to, who’s your celebrity crush?
@moneylabi : Celebrity crush?… Errrm… Its not crush like that, I just admire their beauty. So I’ll say No One.

Christopher : Okay then, I’ll rephrase that. Which celebrity’s beauty do you admire the most?
@moneylabi : *grin*… This is a tough one. Can we come back to it?

Christopher : Hahaha.. Okay, I agree, but trust me, I won’t forget..
What’s the funniest prank ever played by you or on you?
@moneylabi : Errrm… Prank Prank Prank…
Well, I played one on one of my twitter follower once, he was scared.

Christopher : Care to share the details? *interested*
@moneylabi : LOL… Okay, I spotted him, got another friend and we kind of put off to him like school security people, he thought he was in trouble or something, then we later introduced ourselves. It was fun.

Christopher : Oh My God! I’m imagining the look on his face right now. How did he take it later?
@moneylabi : *laughs*… We just laughed it off. It was funny and the look on his face… Loooooool… Well, let’s just say its one of the few I can remember.

Christopher : Maybe I’ll play that on someone on day too.;) . What is one misconception people strongly have about you?
@moneylabi : Common misconception has to be that I’m Proud

Christopher : And you do well to correct that notion?
@moneylabi :Well, people who move close to me have an idea of who I really am.

Christopher : You think the opinion of close ones matters most. That’s cool..
Any professional intentions?
@moneylabi : Well, Being a Geneticist. In any practicable field

Christopher : Geneticist, hmm, sounds like we knew more of you..
So, if Bill Gates were to walk up to you now and give you a million dollars, and ask you launch your entrepreneurship idea, what would it be?
@moneylabi : 1 million dollars?… Sounds more like I’ll delve into partnership with an high end Animal Genetics and Animal Related Agricultural Improvement Company or Establish One of my own.
The goal is to make more animal protein available at cheaper cost to the africans who live below the standard 1 US Dollar A day.

Christopher : that’s a great goal there. I hope and pray you achieve it..
@moneylabi : Amen, thanks.

Christopher : So, before I wrap up my interesting chat with you, you haven’t told us that celeb whose beauty you admire.
@moneylabi : Well, Eva Alordiah and a few more (not necessarily nigerians)

Christopher : Hmm, Eva. Who wouldn’t have a crush?:)
@moneylabi : Me perhaps.

Christopher : Brings us to the end of the session. It was really nice having this interview with you, and thanks for your time
@moneylabi : I’m really pleased. Thanks for the opportunity.

Christopher : You’re welcome.. And you get a chance to ask the interviewer (me) only one question, which I might decline or answer:)
@moneylabi : *laughs*.. Just one question? What is your source of inspiration?

Christopher : Okay, truthfully. I have this awesome brother I want to be like, so I try my hands at everything. That’s the inspiration:)
And that will be all for today. Thanks, again..
@moneylabi : Thanks for the opportunity.

Hey, enjoyed the interview? That’s like all you need to know about the light-skinned, camera-shy tweep that operates under the name @moneylabi. Kindly share your views in the comment box below, and don’t forget to check out his gallery too. Thanks. 😀


3 thoughts on “‘Labi (@moneylabi) ‘s Interview

    Plawse said:
    January 15, 2014 at 7:32 AM

    Nice entrepreneurship idea.


    Niyi said:
    January 15, 2014 at 7:37 AM

    My god. Owolabi, ori e ti daru. Jesu.


    Luke said:
    December 4, 2014 at 7:24 AM

    Hi, I wanted to speak to you regarding your site xchristopher.wordpress.com, give me a call 877-405-8518. – Luke Goodman


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