The GTA Experience..

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[Status : Weapons Full | Armour 120% | Health 100%]
I think we should skip the introductions this time around. I must not be caught in this location posting on this portal at this time of day. I have little time to remain here.
I was about to tell you the story of a fight I had but I think that has to wait for now. Permit me to give you a brief description of what led me to my present predicament.
*bullet wheezes past* *dodges bullet matrix-style* Phew!!! *evil chuckle* They wont get me easy *gets hit by machine gun* Ouch!!! That really hurt *runs into Malibu club* This should give me cover for some time.
[New Status : Weapons Full | Armour 80% | Health 100%]

It all started one rainy evening (I think that should be two days ago, time here is virtual) when I got so bored, I felt nothing could cheer me up. I surfed through the internet, zapped through TV channels but nothing caught my fancy. I was about giving up and going to bed when my laptop computer — my newly-found devil– beckoned to me from the corner of it bed it was laying. I powered it up and engaged myself in a game of Grand Theft Auto IV : Vice City, where Tommy Vercetti is the lead character.
I made the game more interesting by entering cheat codes such as ‘NobodyLikesMe’ (which would actually make everyone hate me), ‘OurGodGivenRightToBeatArms’ (which allows everybody to carry guns), ‘FightFightFight’ (causing commotion and riots), ‘YouWontTakeMeAlive’ (where the cops are really after me) and so on. Little did I know that I was planning my own doom.
A few hours into the game, lightning struck and I was automatically catapulted into the game itself. Yeah, I became a part of the software and funny enough, I was immediately recognised as Larry Vercetti, brother to Tommy Vercetti.
I’ve been struggling to keep alive since then as no one likes me, everyone of them is with a gun and is looking for a shot at me, cops are really after me and there’s commotion everywhere — This is really VICE CITY…
Unfortunately, I am notoriously famous. The Vice City Police Department, Miami Police Department, Liberty City Police Department, The Naval Service, Air Force and the FBI are all on my trail, and I’ve not even set eyes on Tommy to protect me.
*multi-purpose machine gun cocks in distance* Uh-oh…they know I’m here *dashing for the door* *automatic, intense firing* *dodges first 20 bullets* This place is totally unsafe, I must secure a good cover soon. Till then people *exits Malibu club* *meets Mafia outside* *gets hit by dozen shooters* Arrrrrrrrrggggghhhhh!!! *holds chest in pain* This pain… *gasps* …is epic *gasps* I love GTA *faint chuckle* *gets hit by handgun* Somebody please call Vice City Medicals *collapses*
[New Status : Weapons Full | Armour 0% | Health 1%]

Tommy Vercetti’s Voice :
Any kind-hearted player who wishes to restore order to the game and save Larry should DM @howolarbi_ for the locations and co-ordinates. Excuse me for now, I’ve got tresspassers to take care of *bounces off*…

Note :
Ignorers will be shot… Survivors will be shot again. Thanks
I remain @howolarbi_


8 thoughts on “The GTA Experience..

    ayeni tunji said:
    August 1, 2013 at 8:45 PM

    a veryc nice game and i like it


    Channon said:
    August 2, 2013 at 11:09 AM



    Oyinlola said:
    September 24, 2013 at 10:46 AM

    Nic game…


    Ajuwon aminat said:
    September 24, 2013 at 8:53 PM

    its cool


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