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Patriotic Nigerians were more than sad when the #TeamSuperEagles exited the Confederations’ Cup tournament held at Brazil after a 3-0 loss to Spanish competitors. Jordi Alba worked the magic of his foot twice while Fernando Torres made us know that his head is just as good at his leg when it comes to netting the ball.
Our favorite goalkeeper, Vincent Enyeama (a.k.a. Magic Enyeama) tried his possible best which seemed not enough as shots kept flying in from various angles.
The game Nigeria played brought much criticism and praise, and from the desks of some of the youngest analysts in the field, we have these…

@ugly_chuck: I will always emphasize that the Confedrations’ Cup squad is our best since Atlanta ’96 but we suffered a great loss at the hands of Spain and Uruguay due to our wastefulness of goal chances. Our defence was also a bit loose due to the fear of rough tackles that call cards.
The coach, Stephen Keshi has been successful but due to the abscence of the likes of Victor Moses, Emenike, Osaze and the likes affected us in the goal aspects. My advice to Keshi is to reconsider players like Osaze, Martins, Anichebe and to as well promote our players to play in the foreign leagues so as to know the playing style of great nations like Spain.

@barrixterblaq: In the Confederations’ cup tournament, Nigeria no doubt performed well and deserve our applause and I’m sure that that will go a long way to boost her FIFA ranking. The game agaist Tahiti proved our prowess even though they were smaller in ability and our game against Uruguay was also a wonderful one where although we didnt win, we played like pros.
Personally, I think we would have won the matches we lost if we had the adequate human resources — the players. If Oduamadi and Mba had set the ball rolling, it would have been another story but the former went on an injury, dealing our team a great blow. Playing against an awesome team like Spain and showing such ability is also a good thing and shows that we’re developing. Lack of sharp strikers was the only thing that hindered our success there.

@charles_muby: It is a great achievement to have participated in the Confederations cup. Keshi has achieved a lot but has to call back players from Europe such as Signy Sam, Osaze, Akpan, Martins and Ogu to develop the Nigerian side because our defeat is dude to unexperienced personnels. Nigerians should also take a page out of the book of foreigners who support their players to develop better.

@messiless_usman: Nigeria did excellently well in the just concluded tournament but unfortunately, couldnt pass the group stage. The opening match against Tahiti was great but we lost to Uruguay scoring a goal, thanks to striker Mikel.
Their third match against the world champions got us conceeding 3 goals and netting nil, which sent us packing. Those who would have won the match for us were either on injury or not present at all. Spain also didnt give us breathing space and this hammers the need to call our experienced player home.

@howolarbi_: For us to have been eligible for the tournament is a dream come true for many. The Super Eagles really deserve our applause there. We had 6 opening goals against Tahiti and we planned to go on that way but our efforts were thwarted. We played equally well against Uruguay but we lost in the end to Diego Forlan’s home-sent shot. Spain proved to be the last straw that broke our camel’s back by sending us packing.
Spain got us in the area of players, though. They had two Madrid players and eight Barcelona players to them — from the best world teams — while we had one Chelsea player, one Enyeama and nine home-based upcoming players. This calls for improvement. Keshi should keep up the good work and keep trianing the young stars and as well, call home foreign players to exalt their country.
Team Feeling You! Team Super Eagles!! Team Nigeria!!!

I remain @howolarbi_


4 thoughts on “That Confederations Cup…

    ade259 said:
    July 8, 2013 at 3:34 PM

    well…with all said, wah am gonna add is dah our coach should try his best in inviting the experienced players playing outside the country,especially in europe. so as to give the home base players the ability to play way more harder as we all can see mikel made a huge impact n difference in the games.


    omomummie said:
    July 8, 2013 at 3:45 PM

    Reblogged this on omomummie.


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